What is the process for scheduling a shoot, payment, and photo delivery?

1) Together we coordinate the date and time of the shoot either over the phone, email or text
2) Photos are taken, processed and delivered via my content delivery system.
3) You will receive an email to your property website (example: https://tours.tktuckerphotos.com/ukNBZKpEX75yx41QiSub).
- This website will contain the invoice, water marked images and credit card payment.
- Once payment has been satisifed you will be able download your images in various sizes.
4) Social media property website (optional)
- A custom propery management website will be provided at no additional cost based on your requirements.

Can you delivery the images in MLS, full size, or AirBNB format?
- Yes, my delivery service allows you to download in full size, 2048 pixels and 1024 pixels. If you have special size requirements, please let me know.

What forms of payment do you accept?
- Paypal, Venmo, Zelle and credit card (default)

Do you offer property websites that can be shared on social media?
- Yes, below is an example. These can be tailored to include a variety of information like number of bedrooms, price, location, image gallery, Google map, agent information and more.

Is pictures of amenties (pool, tennis courts, etc) and front sub-division signs part of your standard package?
- Yes and not additional cost.

Can I get an invoice for tax purposes?
- Yes

Do you offer sky replacements and similar Photoshopping services?
- Yes

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